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Women's Sexy bodysuits are back in style at the YOUnique Boutique Online.

Women's sexy bodysuits are an increasingly more popular item of sexy women's hosiery, fastly replacing the ever popular pantyhose and stockings requirments. New styles, new colors, and new fabrics have greatly enhanced the popularity of women's bodysuits at the YOUnique Boutique Online. So, when it comes to making a new selection of sexy women's bodysuits, don't forget to check of the large selection of women's bodysuits by Leg Avenue offered by the YOUnique Boutique Online, making us your number one choice for selecting womens bodysuits.
Ladies hosiery, pantyhose, bodysuits, catsuits from Leg Avenue.

Fantastic line of Ladies hoseries, pantyhose, bodysuits, Thi-Hi's, Garters, Garterbelts, Lone Dresses, Short Dresses, Costumes & Much More! A Must!!

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Lycra opaque high neck keyhole bodysuit with racer back.
S, M, L
Lycra opaque high neck keyhole bodysuit with racer back
140 Denier heavy opaque long sleeved bodysuit.
PKGE of 2
Black, White, Red, Nude, Kelly Green
One Size
140 Denier heavy opaque long sleeved bodysuit
Lace up front ruffle trimmed bodysuit.
One Size
Lace up front ruffle trimmed bodysuit
Swirl lace bodysuit with snap closure.
One Size
Swirl lace bodysuit with snap closure

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At the YOUnique Boutique Online, we feel that we offer you the best selection of today's exciting world of men's underwear that is possible on the Internet. Bear in mind that we do not have every item we offer in our large inventory, but when we receive your order, if it is not in our inventory, we immediately order your item from the preferred manufacturer. Within two to three days we receive your item and immediately ship it to you via Priority Mail, which means that it can take a week to two weeks for you to receive something we do not have in stock. It will only take two to three days to receive an item which we have. If you need the item by a specified date, please indicate this in the Comments box of our Secure Shopping Cart and we will do everything in our power to comply with your wish.

If the item(s) you order is/are in our inventory we ship to you the same day the order is received by us, or the next day if the order is received by us too late to ship the same day. We stock a large number of items and styles and colors, but, because we offer you, our customer, every color, print, and style our manufacturers make (not just the ones we consider safe to buy and stock), we might not have the particular item you order in our inventory. If this is the case, we immediately place your item on our weekly order from the manufacturer. In order to help you we receive all our shipments via second day shipping so that you can get any item not in our inventory sooner. Usually it takes approximately a week for us to ship you an item we do not have at the time of your order, unless the item must be ordered from outside of the US, or if the manufacturer has the item in the process of being manufactured, in which case it could take up to four to six weeks for us to ship to you. We hope this gives you, our customer the particular color, print, and style for which you are looking, thereby giving you, our Customer a bigger variety to select from than the biggest store or catalog. We hope you appreciate this selection which will make YOU "YOUnique" with your set of friends. And we truly hope you enjoy shopping at the YOUnique Boutique Online and return Soon and Often!

We are working hard to bring you the largest selection of underwear, activewear and hosieries for men and ladies on the Internet

NOTE: Any order which requests priority shipping (Next Day or 2nd Day) will be shipped immediately if we have the merchandise ordered in our inventory. If we do not have the merchandise requested in our immediate inventory, we will acquire the needed merchandise in the fastest manner possible, and ship the order by the Priority requested on the day we receive the ordered items.

If you need a specific garment(s) by a specific date, please tell us in the 'Comments' box of the Secure Shopping Card, and we will do all in our power to see that you have your order before the time you specified.

Thank you for continuing to shop with the YOUnique Boutique Online, and please return soon.
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YOUnique Boutique
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