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» Silk Briefs

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MEN'S BOUTIQUE Underwear by Category

Bondage ItemsMen's Sexy Bondage Underwear

(including Armbands, BALL GAGS, Bondage, Chokers, Collars, Collars & NECK CUFFS, Leather Accessories, Leather Armbands, Leather Belts, LeatherBracelets, Nipple Clamps, Nipple Clamps, Restraints, Women's Breast Pumps, Restraints)

Couples Sets Men's Sexy Couples Sets Underwear

Men's Animal PrintsMen's Sexy Animal Print Underwear

Men's BoxerbriefsMen's Sexy Boxerbriefs Underwear

Men's BikinisMen's Sexy Bikinis Underwear

Men's BodysuitsMen's Sexy Bodysuits Underwear

Men's BoxersMen's Sexy Boxers & Boxer Shorts Underwear

Men's BriefsMen's Sexy Briefs Underwear

Men's CamouflageMen's Sexy Chaps Underwear

Men's ChapsMen's Sexy Chaps Underwear

Men's Clearance ItemsMen's Sexy Clearance Sale Underwear

Men's CockringsMen's Sexy Cockrings

Men's CostumesMen's Sexy Costumes

Men's Erotic JewelryMen's Sexy Erotic Jewelry

Men's G-Strings, Posing Straps & PouchesMen's Sexy G-Strings, Posing Straps, & Pouches Underwear

Men's Fabric HarnessesMen's Sexy Harnesses Underwear

Men's JockstrapsMen's Sexy Jockstraps Underwear

Men's KimonasMen's Sexy Kimonas & Robes Underwear

Men's NoveltiesMen's Sexy Novelty Underwear

Men's PajamasMen's Sexy Pajamas

Men's PantsMen's Sexy Pants Underwear

Men's RobesMen's Sexy Robes & Kimonas

Men's LoungwearMen's Sexy Loungewear

Men's SheerMen's Sexy Sheer Underwear

Men's ShortsMen's Sexy Shorts & Boxer Shorts Underwear

Men's SwimwearMen's Sexy Swimwear

Men's Tanktops& T-SHIRTSMen's Sexy Tank Tops & T-Shirts Underwear

Men's ThongsMen's Sexy Thongs Underwear

Men's Patriotic CollectionMen's Sexy Patriotic Underwear

Men's VestsMen's Sexy Vests Underwear




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Men's Boxerbriefs
Men's Briefs
Men's Chaps
Men's Cockrings
Men's Costumes
Men's Erotic Jewelry
Men's Harnesses
Men's Kimonas
Men's Leather
Leather Accessories
Men's Leather Bikinis
Men's Leather Briefs
Men's Leather Chaps
Men's Leather G-Strings
Men's Leather Harnesses
Men's Leather Kilts
Men's Leather Pants
Men's Leather Shorts
Men's Leather Tank Tops & T-Shirts
Men's Leather Thongs
Men's Leather Vests
Men's Loungwear
Men's Novelties
Men's Pajamas
Men's Patent Hats
Men's Patent Leather
Men's Patent Leather Harnesses
Men's Pouches
Men's Robes
Men's Sarongs
Men's Shorts
Men's Slings
Men's Swimwear
Men's Tanks & Tees
Men's Vests
Men's Vinyl Shorts
Men's vinyl Tank Tops & T-Shirts
Men's Vinyl Thongs
Nipple Clamps

If you like sexy Men's Underwear or if you like seeing men in sexy underwear, you've come to the right place. Our selection of Men's Sheer Underwear is sensational!
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Mansilk men's boxers were voted the #1 boxer by Rolling Stone Magazine and 2-time winner of the Undie award for favorite woven boxerunderwear for men.
Mansilk silk satin front/silk knit back mini brief (MS10) was winner of the coveted Undies Award for favorite men's brief!